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TOP is a vibrant and engaging website that brings the feel and flavour of the popular Taste Buds TV series to computers across the globe, promoting healthy eating by encouraging knowledge about food, nutrition and other cultures. strives to add an overall sense of fun to the values of food preparation and a sense of adventure by trying new dishes from other countries and cultures. The site offers tips on unique foods from various cultures and locales featured on the TV show.

The five games featured on the website are also designed with educational values in mind. Examples of these games are “Trash It”, which teaches kids to be environmentally aware by focusing on the importance of recycling and composting and, “Bake It”, where kids utilize numbers and fractions to measure and combine ingredients, with quantities displayed in metric and imperial measurements on the screen.

The 80+ recipes available on the site are pulled directly from the Taste Buds TV series and are presented in a step-by-step video format. Web-exclusive videos feature additional recipes and cooking techniques, emphasizing skill-building. Using the website’s Cookbooker—a virtual recipe book—users can create custom recipe books using personal family recipes, recipes from other users, and even recipes featured on the TV show, which can then be printed out for everyday use. There is an overlying positivity and optimism in the presentation, which makes it easy to take what’s learned from the site off the computer and into everyday life.

Production Company


ACCESS, Knowledge Network, TVO, SCN

Funding Program
Broadcaster Performance Envelope




Youth Media Alliance Awards of Excellence 2011
Anglophone, Best Convergent Interactive Content
Special Jury Award - Digital and Interactive Content

W3 2010
Silver Award

Gemini Awards 2010
Best Cross-Platform Project: Children's and Youth

Webby Awards 2009
Official Honoree for the Youth Category