In the Netherlands there are many people who like to take a gamble. You can go to a land casino for this, such as one of the branches of Holland Casino. But, for some time now it has also been possible to play in a casino via the internet; the so-called online casinos. A huge number of such online casinos have been set up in recent years.

Unfortunately, not all online casinos are equally reliable and of high quality. Unfortunately, not all online casinos are equally reliable and high quality. This is one of the reasons why we have written a review of some online casinos. In this review you can read all the information about Gaming Club Casino.


General impression

Prior to this review we were very curious about this online casino. This was mainly due to the fact that the name, Gaming Club Casino, has almost no name recognition. We therefore entered this review with a completely open mind.


When we open the website of Gaming Club Casino, we’re not directly impressed yet. The website looks a bit restless and there isn’t a clear menu or anything like that.


Games on offer

As soon as we click on the website, we’ll end up with a page where you can see all the games. Gaming Club Casino offers no less than 500 games, ranging from Roulette to Slots. All games are hosted by Microgaming Software. Partly because of this, the games are very stable, fast and that is positive for the gaming fun.


This online casino also offers the possibility to play tournaments. So you can choose for an Online Slot Tournament or an Online Blackjack Tournament.



A not unimportant point with online casinos are the promotions. With the help of the promotions the various online casinos try to attract new members. Also, the promotions are a convenient way to bind existing players.


Gaming Club Casino has understood this very well and provided some interesting bonuses. You get these bonuses as soon as you make a first or second deposit. On your first deposit, the amount will be doubled by 100%, up to a maximum of $200.


On a second deposit, Gaming Club Casino will increase the deposit amount by 150%. A maximum of $150 will apply. These promotions will encourage many players to make a deposit; a smart move from Gaming Club Casino!


Customer Service

For an online casino, good customer service is invaluable. With the help of good customer service, customers can be retained. In addition, it is necessary to have a customer service that is solution-oriented, fast and easy to reach. Gaming Club Casino definitely has that in mind.


On the website of Gaming Club Casino it is possible to directly start a live chat with one of the staff members. In this way you can get in touch with one of our staff members and your problems can be solved in a fast and professional way. Gaming Club Casino has the support you need!



Gaming Club Casino has been around since 1994, but has mainly been active in other countries. Partly because of this, this online casino had/does not yet have such a high reputation in the Netherlands. In the past 23 years Gaming Club Casino has proven to be a reliable online casino. All players can deposit money with confidence at Gaming Club Casino.

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